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Title: SOLAS 128

Genre: Casual, Indie, Strategy


Amicable Animal


Armor Games Studios

Release Date: 25 Jan, 2021

About This Game

At its heart, SOLAS is a beam deflection game. Rotate and reposition mirrors to connect light sources and unlock adjacent puzzles. Every pulse is moving to the beat at all times, and each puzzle is connected to the next. Explore this strange interconnected space, learn its rules, and discover the surprises that dwell within.

Rather than ordinary light beams, however, these pulses can and will collide with each other. Create new colours, deflect them in new directions, and pay attention to their timing to unlock the path to new puzzles.

Along the way you’ll encounter a wide array of components which interact in unique and surprising ways. You might even discover you can pass pulses and components between puzzles.

Prisms, glitches, new types of mirrors, and more lurk in the depths. For example, the filters which remove colours from pulses that pass over them.

To match the otherworldly, retro, neon aesthetic, SOLAS is scored with a one of a kind synthwave soundtrack to which the entire game is synchronized.

  • Over 150 interlocking puzzle screens
  • A beautiful synth-inspired visual style with a story where music powers everything
  • Designed from the ground up to be colourblind-friendly
  • A seamless world to navigate – changes in one room will affect those that follow
  • An original synth/chillwave soundtrack
  • Hidden areas to discover, and secrets to decypher
  • No text or dialogue: the visuals and music speak for themselves

SOLAS is a game based around the combination and separation of these pulses, but has been designed from the ground up to not be reliant only on colour. SOLAS’ glyphs each have a unique shape and profile, and there are customisable contrast settings, making it accessible to colour-blind players.

Amicable Animal: A one-person studio — part-time lecturer, part-time games developer, full-time tea drinker. He loves combining old-school mechanics with minimalist, modern game design. SOLAS is his first commercial game.

Jamesy Downie: The musician behind the synthwave sound of SOLAS. Obsessed with everything 80s and VHS related, he created a soundtrack that relaxes, and hints at an underlying darkness.

Steven McSeveney: Sound Designer and all-round audio nerd; he creates immersive sonic experiences to bring worlds to life. He created the sound effects for SOLAS, marrying the neon-rich visuals with the game’s synth-fuelled soundtrack.


“When Jonathan Blow’s The Witness came out in 2016, I immediately fell in love… No other game has scratched that particular puzzling itch for me… until SOLAS 128.”
8.5/10 – God is a Geek

“Imagine if Zelda dungeons looked like Geometry Wars and sounded like Rez and you’d have at least some idea of what it’s like to play SOLAS 128.”
Scottish Games Network

“The whole thing is just utterly marvellous… games this superbly constructed rarely come along.”
John Walker, Buried Treasure

System Requirements


    • OS: Windows 7 or higher
    • Processor: AMD Phenom II X4
    • Graphics: Intel HD 620

    • OS: Windows 7 or higher
    • Processor: Intel i5
    • Graphics: GeForce MX 150

Free Download SOLAS 128
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